It was dinnertime. And King Malcom, Queen Aurelia, Simba, and Dot are having what they are for dinner that Dot hates - shrimp and broccoli.

"You need to try some shrimp and broccoli Dot." Queen Aurelia asked.

"No." Dot said.

"Come on Dot." Simba pleaded hopefully. "Please try it. It was good."

"No!" Dot snapped. "I want hamburgers and fries!!"

Getting fed up. Queen Aurelia said, "Simba, can you tell her."

Simba said, "Dot, for the last time.. WE ARE NOT HAVING HAMBURGERS AND FRIES!!"

Queen Aurelia said, "Why don't you make yourself useful Dot. Stop being terrible and eat your shrimp and broccoli."

"NO!!" Dot yelled.

King Malcom said, "Dot, if you don't eat your dinner. You would not get any dessert. Because we got some banana cream pie for dessert."

Dot yelled, "But daddy. That's not FAIR!!"

Dot was so angry. She tossed her utensils to the ground. And then she threw her dinner at the wall, then it shattered. King Malcom and Queen Aurelia got very angry. "WHY DID YOU DO THAT DOT!!" King Malcom yelled.


Simba said, "I could not believe you Dot. You just threw your dinner at the wall. That is it. You are gonna be punished. You will not go to the AMC Theaters with Fionna."

Dot got very upset. "Go to bed Dot." said Queen Aurelia. "But i wanna go to the AMC Theaters with Fionna. She was my best friend." Dot said.

King Malcom said, "I told you.. NO!!"

Dot started to have a tantrum and she started to scream and cry. Simba glared at Dot and told her, "You are as evil as Negaduck!!" And then Dot went upstairs to her room crying.