Judy Jetson sat down beside Wakko. "Wakko you seem so sad. Tell me, what's the matter, and why are you crying?" Wakko looked at Judy, trying not to cry, but the tears he was holding back, suddenly burst.

"Oh Judy. Your dad was so mean to me! He was worse than Verminous Snaptrap! He destroyed my best friend Buster Bunny, and now i ran away from home, and now i could not go back home." Wakko began to cry.

"Do not worry Wakko. I know how you feel." Judy said, soothingly as she began to sing. "Stay awake

Don't rest your head.

Don't lie down.

Upon your bed.

While the moon drifts.

Stay awake.

Don't close your eyes."

As Wakko cried. Judy hugged him gently as she continued singing.

"Though the town was

Fast asleep

Though your pillow

Is soft

And deep

You're not sleepy

As you seem

Stay awake

Don't nod and dream

Stay awake

Don't nod



As the song was finished, Wakko cried so hard, he hugged Judy and she comforted him. "Please don't cry. I'm here for you." Judy told her. "Don't worry. Things will look better." Judy said. And she took Wakko back to his home, took him to his room, put him into his bed, and tucked him in.

"Goodnight Wakko." Judy said, sweetly as she left to go downstairs, while he cried himself to sleep.