One morning. Mary, Mowgli, Simba, Hugh, and Lila were eating dinner in the dining room. They were having her favorite meal - steak, peas, and mashed potatoes.

Mary munched away on her steak, peas, and mashed potatoes. "I love steak, peas, and mashed potatoes! It was delicious!" she said.

"That's my girl!" Hugh said, patting Mary on her shoulder.

"Where did you buy it mommy?" Mary asked.

"Well Mary." said Lila. "Your father actually picked up some steak, peas, and mashed potatoes."

"That was good steak, peas, and mashed potatoes." Mary said.

"I'm glad you like it." Lila said.

"Because we are gonna have some chocolate cheesecake for dessert afterwards." Hugh said.

After everyone was finished with their dinner, Lila served Mowgli, Simba, and Mary some chocolate cheesecake.

After dessert, Hugh and Lila were so proud of Mary. Mary got rewarded. They let her go to the arcade. Mary was so happy. She kissed Hugh and Lila and told them, "You are the best parents!!" And then she went to the arcade.