Mary was at school with Dot Warner. Dot told Mary, "You need to do your reading." "No Dot. I do not wanna do my reading." Mary replied. Dot got very angry. "Mary that was not nice to speak to me like that. You could do your reading or you would be in trouble." She said. Mary got very angry at Dot. "Shut up Dot. I am not gonna do my reading." She yelled.

"Mary if you speak to Dot like that. You are gonna be punished." said the teacher. "Shut up teacher. If Dot wants me to do my reading. Then i am gonna beat you up." Mary yelled. So she beat up the teacher. And the teacher was dizzy.

"What was wrong with you Mary. Go to the principal's office." said the teacher. And Mary went to the principal's office. The principal got very angry at Mary. "Mary how dare you beat up the teacher. That was not nice to do it to her." He said. "But i am sorry principal. I would never do it." Mary said. "Go home Mary." said the principal. Her father, Hugh, arrived and said, ""Mary you are terrible. You are gonna go home and you are gonna be punished." Mary was upset. "But daddy. I am sorry." She said. "Too bad Mary." Hugh replied. And he took her home.

At home. Hugh got very angry at Mary. "Since you beat up the teacher. You are punished." He said. Mary got punished. She was not allowed to go to the Alton Towers. Mary started to cry. "But i am sorry daddy. Dot was terrible. She forces me to do my reading." She said. "Well sorry Mary. There would be no Alton Towers." Hugh said. Mary started to sob hysterically. "But i wanna go to Alton Towers." She said to Hugh. Hugh glared angrily at Mary and told her, "You're as evil as Jafar!! Go to bed." And then Mary went upstairs to her room crying.

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