Rick was in his garage practicing a song with his band, which consisted of Rick on vocals and guitar, Maggie on vocals and guitar, Ralph on bass, Maria on keyboard, and Marie on drums.

As they were playing, Susan Test showed up and Rick had the band stop.

Susan wanted to give Rick a tape that showed Laura confessing that she shot Rick. Susan wanted to give Rick this evidence so that Rick could have Laura arrested and thrown in jail. But, before Susan could give Rick the evidence, Lauren, Laura's daughter, arrived and confronted Susan about what she was doing to her mother. Susan became very upset. She ran out into the street and was hit by a car.

Susan became the victim of a hit and run accident. Susan was taken to the hospital, where she had surgery. After the surgery, Rick went to visit Susan in order to share her findings. Unfortunately, Susan suffered from a cardiac arrest due to complications from the surgery. A priest was called to administer last rites and with her friends and her father Hugh Test at her bedside, Susan died from her injuries, unable to let Rick know that Laura shot him.

Luckily, her counterpart Gil Nexdor arrived and started to sing Susan a song. While Gil was singing. His powers resurrected Susan back to life. After he was finished singing her a song, everyone was happy. Susan was alive and she kissed Gil.

And then at the wedding, Susan and Gil are married. And the crowd clapped and cheered.

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