Vanessa Huxtable pleaded with her father, Dr Heathcliff Huxtable, to buy her a clarinet. Dr Huxtable gave in and bought Vanessa a clarinet. The clarinet cost fourteen dollars. Vanessa promised that she would practice, but she got bored pretty fast. Vanessa wanted to quit the clarinet. But Dr. Huxtable said "Nope! You have made a commitment to the recital and you're going to do it!"

Susan could not stand for that, so she jumped into the magic TV and confronted and confronted Dr Huxtable. Susan scolded Dr Huxtable for not letting Vanessa quit the clarinet. Susan encouraged Vanessa to fight with Dr Huxtable over the clarinet. So Dr Huxtable and Vanessa began fighting over the clarinet. They pulled at it and caused the clarinet to fly off the TV screen and into the living room. And the clarinet broke.

Susan jumped back to the living room. When Hugh, Susan's father, found out about it, he was very angry. Susan got in trouble by her father. Susan got punished. She was not allowed to go to the AMC Theaters. Susan became very angry. She glared angrily at him and told him "You are as evil as Mr Skylar!!" And then she went upstairs to her room in tears.

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